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Art is the space between Knowledge and Being.

When we were young, we thought in dreams with only the knowledge of innate insight to guide you through your day. The result is a non-systematic reality generated by fascination, the awe of all input, of all things, of love and light. This vantage point is compulsory in artistic pursuits as they are born of this free nature. Art is a call to and from the non-locational universal mind that aligns the connections of all things to all things – All to All as one.

There is no truth outside of what is substantiated in the singular moment of the creative act.
Just as your eye cannot feel itself in the act of seeing, Art is Art.

Reasoning does not apply to the act of making and creating art. There are no rules, only means and methods of capturing glimpses from the subconscious. I don’t believe in the conjuring of art. Style has no meaning in my work and each series claims its own independent epoch of interiority, as such, no one series appears to be related to the next, or the next – These are my visions, and they offer no answers to the question of why? – but rather address a way of seeing and or of being.

Each series is based upon a narrative and I will employ varied and mixed media to accomplish the work. Currently my focus is on a graphics – 3d rhino line work and digital collage as my medium of expression for this currently completed 2021-2022 series simply named ‘ALIEN’ – Alien works to blur the lines between associative and familiar imagery while experimenting with the inclusion of non-associative surreal visuals. This approach attempts to challenge the viewer by pushing on cognitive values in hopes of inspiring new insights for the observer.

2022 ‘SAVANNAH’ Series will spring from lessons learned from Alien. ‘Savannah’, this year’s first series is all about the majesty and beauty of Savannah – it’s architecture and forms abound in rich texture and history – This series Savannah will move deeper into the notion of graphics as an element of art. In this season of digital expression and automated meaning graphic input is seeping deep into the subconscious of all things and reads at rate of speed in which we can cut and splice time to suit our needs feeding our ability to express our own narratives. We are now free to engage ourselves in the world – not as merely actors on the stage – but as the makers of reality – becoming our own director – writer and producers of meaning.

Once we were moved in an endless love of awe
No doubt or questioning
No tethers to realms of convenience
No memory guidance of the days before
Nothing of value found in the lost and found
Reality was a show called ‘Life’s a pancake’
Flat and buttery but – – –
Lost meanings become Lost chances
Dancing precludes Dying
I make art because there are no limits – no right – no wrong
I am an artist involved in lucid dreaming and I continue to move through this process of making art
Blind to the end product or goals or objectives
Blind to the result
Blind to limitations
True to revealing unseen vision
True to the nature of being
Searching for the truth in life