GREG P. ANDRADE – Architect-LEED AP – is a designer and visual artist focused on Narrative Design Experiences. Greg has contributed to a multitude of story-driven Retail, Dining and Entertainment environments and venues. He has 30 years of experience leading multi-disciplinary teams working with companies and stakeholders to develop conceptual and creative content. His knowledge and insight empower business objectives with meaningful content that results in memorable story telling guest experiences.

In 1991 Greg began a career with the Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) division at the Walt Disney Company as a licensed architect. For 10 years Greg contributed to more than 50 projects representing over 1-billion dollars of project development throughout Disney properties in Paris – Anaheim – Florida and Asia.

In 2001, he launched Andrade Studio, his own themed experience design practice specializing in lifestyle, hospitality and narrative based projects globally in the USA, UAE, Europe, Japan and Asia. Greg’s intimate understanding of the narrative design process provided Andrade Studio the opportunity to work closely with former colleagues at WDI in addition to Warner Bros. Thinkwell, The Hettema Group, Universal Studios and other renown Los Angeles based design studios.

Greg’s commitment to mentoring young designers began in 2015 at the ART CENTER College of Design in Pasadena. While at Art Center Greg founded a model making studio designed to educate young students in the art and science of story driven narrative place making. Andrade’s students would spend 10 week quarters constructing hand built models exploring projects that varied from themed facades, architecture on Mars to entire planned cities that filled the classroom.

In 2018 Greg moved to Savannah to advance the Themed Entertainment Design department at SCAD. Greg  developed a new curriculum for the Themed Entertainment Department at SCAD were he drafted a reinvigorating  new overall graduate level program in 2021. This newly updated pedagogy introduced critical design thinking in conjunction with multidisciplinary experiences that will surely benefit students for many years to come.

Greg continues to design, create visual art, mentor, teach and lecture. His passion to support young designers interested in understanding Design Thinking and Process. He is currently creating a book about Narrative Experience Design which he hopes will contribute to the future social-cultural evolution and influence of Story-driven design in the industry and beyond.