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Art is the space between Knowledge and Being.


When you’re young, you think in dreams; you have only the knowledge of innate insight to guide you through your day. The result is a systematic reality generated by fascination and awe of all input, of all things large and small, of love and light.

Art is compulsory and born of this child-like nature. Art is a call to and from the non-locational universal mind that aligns the connections of all things to all things.

There is no truth outside of what is substantiated in the singular moment of the creative act.


Just as your eye cannot feel itself in the act of seeing, Art is Art.

Reasoning does not apply to the act of making and creating art. There are no rules, only the means and the methods of pulling stuff up out of the pool of muck flowing to the surface from the subconscious. I don’t believe in the conjuring of art. Style has no meaning in my work and each series claims its own independent epoch of interiority, as such, no one series appears to be related to the next, or the next.


These are my visions:


Once, in an endless love of awe, we were moved

Never once doubting.

No tethers to realms of convenience

No memory of the days before

Nothing lost in the lost and found

Reality is a no-show

Life’s a pancake,

Flat and buttery


Lost meaning = Lost chances

Dancing precludes dying

I make art because when I’m there there are no limits.


I am an artist involved in lucid dreaming and I continue to move through this process of making art not as a product, or a goal, or a gimmick.

Blind to the end product

Blind to the result

Blind to limitations

True to the unseen vision

True to the nature of being

True to the life force flowing